ASUS (아수스) P5K Premium/WiFi-AP BIOS 다운로드 무료 (ver. 0612)

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ASUS (아수스) P5K Premium/WiFi-AP (ver. 0612) ZIP 배포일 2008.04.18.

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브랜드 ASUS (아수스)
P5K Premium/WiFi-AP
운영 체제 BIOS
버젼 0612
파일 크기 994 Kb
파일 종류 ZIP
배포일 2008.04.18
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BIOS for ASUS P5K Premium/­WiFi-AP Improve ATAPI CD-ROM's compatibility with EZ-Flash.­ Support new CPUs.­ Please refer to our website at: http:/­/­support.­asus.­com/­cpusupport/­cpusupport.­aspx.­ Add [7 DRAM Clocks] in [CAS# Latency] option.­ Add some items for [REF Cycle Time].­ Enable better support for FSB1600/­DDR-1200 combination.­ Enable CPR support for CPU Ratio control.­ Fix C1E,­ TM and EIST can't be disabled issue.­ Add option [60 DRAM Clocks] into [REF Cycle Time] setup item.­ Fix when using Conroe 3.­0GHz CPU with FSB1333MHz the system may not resume from S3.­

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